From the Class of 2019
From the Class of 2019

From the Class of 2019
From the Class of 2019

From the Class of 2020
From the Class of 2020

From the Class of 2019
From the Class of 2019


"I competed in Canada Galaxy for the first time in 2019 where I placed 1st RU in the Teen category. I am honoured to say I will be coming back a second time all because of how amazing this system is and how much Sindy really cares about her delegates! Herself and the staff were always there to support us and walk us through every step of the pageant - something I appreciated! I will continue to recommend Canada Galaxy as it is one of the most professional, organized and friendly pageant I have ever competed in! If you want an amazing experience filled with friendship and fun, this is the pageant for you!"

Milena Raso - Miss Teen Galaxy Nickel Centre 2019

"Canada Galaxy Pageants is an experience of a lifetime and Sindy is an amazing director! I’ve competed multiple times and have enjoyed each and every one of them. The pageant is well thought out and well organized, and Sindy has always been available for questions.

Sindy makes sure you have everything you need to feel prepared and to be successful!"

Aaliyah Hiltz - Miss Teen Galaxy Halifax 2019

"I had a blast competing at Canada Galaxy Pageants at its last production! The attention to details was amazing and it felt like a sisterhood from start to finish. There were moments just for having fun too like the PJ party to complement our hard work I really liked as well how transparent it was with providing us with the scores and feedback to improve. Overall, it was a fun experience and I can't wait to do it again."

Laetitia Nocera - Miss Galaxy Mississauga 2019


"Canada Galaxy Pageants have brought me nothing but everlasting friendships, opportunities, and the ability to build up my confidence. All the nerves and fears turned into happiness and excitement as soon as I stepped foot on stage, on that fateful day. The environment and atmosphere is truly a once in a lifetime experience, which is the result of the hospitality and diligence that the girls and collaborators have always presented. Looking back, the pageant weekend was extremely organized and well-planned, due to the hard work and determination of the national director, Sindy with an S. And I obviously cannot forget about the Queens who have set such an amazing example for us delegates, you guys are truly inspirational. All in all, thank you Canada Galaxy Pageants for giving me the opportunity to experience the greatest memories in the whole Galaxy to cherish and look back on in the future."

Kaylyn Chuson - Miss Teen Galaxy Brampton 2019


"I had the beautiful pleasure of being the class of 2019 for the Miss division of Canada Galaxy. Seeing as it was a newly hosted nationals and new system I didn't fully know what to expect but Sindy puts her whole heart and soul into this system and pageant. She was fantastic at answering any questions I had and supporting all the girls in literally anyway that she could. There is no pageant system like the Canada Galaxy and Galaxy system. I did not have the honour of competing in internationals that year but I did receive my first placement, placing top 5 and 4th runner up of the Miss division. I am very proud and honoured of that accomplishment. I was skeptical most about the bathing suit portion of the on stage competition because of my confidence levels at the time and I previously have never had to do bathing suit before in a pageant. I can honestly say that I truly felt the most confident and my best during my bathing suit portion! I was nervous to get the pictures of that part but those are my most loved photos of that experience. Overall, I would highly recommend this pageant system to literally any woman, teen or young girl. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you will cherish forever. It's not just a pageant system, it's a family that is directed by someone who lives, dreams and absolutely loves what she does. Again, Sindy is truly amazing and I am honoured to have met her and see what she has done with the Canada Galaxy pageant!"

Kailey Jackson - Miss Galaxy Windsor 2019


"Canada Galaxy Pageants is unlike any other pageant system I have competed in.

It’s not just the segments that make it different, or the divisions that make it stand out. It’s the people you meet and the person you come out of it being.

I’ve competed in many pageant systems throughout the years and I can honestly say there is none like this one.

Sindy pours her heart and soul into the pageant and into the women who compete. She treats everyone like she would treat her family and that’s why the sisterhood is so strong. Whether you leave the weekend as a titleholder, a runner up or a finalist you leave the weekend as sisters.

I would highly recommend Canada Galaxy Pageants to anyone and everyone in all walks of life. It’s a safe place, a great weekend and a lifetime of experiences!"

Regine Semira - Ms. Galaxy Toronto 2019

Ms. Galaxy Canada 2020/21

"Pageants have offered so many rich opportunities and friendships in my life, but being married, with a child, over the age of 28, I honestly thought those days were behind me. That was until I was introduced to the Canada Galaxy Pageant system, run by our fantastic director, Sindy. It has been a wonderful experience, very much focused on developing and fostering a sisterhood among the women involved. Another great aspect is the community involvement the pageant encourages. Holding a Galaxy title, whether locally, nationally, or internationally, offers a platform to really make a difference and get involved. I would suggest to any woman with a dream of pageantry, that it's not too late, regardless of your age or marital status, that you will not regret joining the Galaxy sisterhood. "

Denise Garrido - Mrs. Galaxy Bradford 2019

Mrs. Galaxy Canada 2020/21

"Canada Galaxy Pageants is more than just a competition, it is a sisterhood. Values such as active community involvement, kindness, goodwill, dedication, hard work and uplifting others are highly encouraged. This has been one of the best pageants I have ever participated in. I was able to meet so many women from different paths of life and learned from their experiences. It is a weekend pageant with many bonding activities/experiences. It is very well organized and the sponsors obtained are fantastic. The director, Sindy (a.k.a. Sindy with an S), truly goes above and beyond for her girls. She lends meaningful and heartfelt advice, while uplifting the Canada Galaxy Pageants Queens and ensuring to instil principles such as self-motivation, pride and self-confidence in each delegate. Participants can enter this pageant expecting to not only enjoy the experience but to grow from it as well. It is a wonderful opportunity to both flourish and challenge yourself. I loved every single minute of it and would definitely participate again. Thank you Canada Galaxy Pageants for the memorable experience!"

Brittany-Anne Dawes - Ms. Galaxy Pickering 2019

Ms. Galaxy Canada 2019


"I will never forget the experience I had at Miss Galaxy Canada. It was unforgettable , I meet so many lovely ladies who I now call my sisters. This pageant gave me more confidence in myself then I had and made me become a better me. I can’t thank them enough for the best weekend of my life. To everyone looking to compete I say go for it, get out of your comfort zone and do it for the experience. Thank you again Sindy with an S for the time of my life, I can’t wait to see you again soon. Until next time!" 

Victoria Helle-Snow - Miss Galaxy Cape Breton 2019

"The director is amazing. This has been our first national pageant and I will gladly come back. In fact, we are already planning our next Galaxy Pageant 2020. This system is beyond wonderful and will help you. Once my oldest daughter either crowns or ages up, my youngest daughter will be a Galaxy Girl as well. This director will make sure you are very well taken care of. This is one of the pageant systems I strongly recommend."

Amanda Copegog - Mom of Valerie Copegog (Little Miss Galaxy Barrie 2019)


"What lead me to Canada Galaxy pageants was my desire to chase my passion. I would like to personally say thank you to the Canada Galaxy Pageant system for elevating the art of pageantry to something that is very progressive, relevant with the times and extremely empowering. I feel honoured for the opportunity to be a Galaxy Girl. I am extremely proud to say that this pageant system highlighted the fact that there’s more to a woman than just her physical beauty, the amount of planning and preparation our pageant director Sindy and the entire team spent to put together an amazing show was definitely something that’s not left unnoticed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will forever cherish being a #GalaxyGirl"

Dee Go - Ms. Galaxy Etobicoke 2019

"This pageant is great for all ages, new and experienced. It’s been an amazing experience my daughter getting to meet so many people and boosting her confidence at the same time. With our very hard working Canada Galaxy director Sindy Withans the pageant is well organized and very recommended."

Zar Aung - Mom of Nicole Min (Junior Miss Galaxy Canada 2020/21)

"If your daughter or you (as I have found out) wants to have an outstanding experience, learn to love themselves and feel like a princess (or a Queen) then this is the Venue for you! But also, hard work, perseverance, poise, grace and the importance of community service!

My daughter started asking me to be in a pageant about six months ago. I have always been against the idea in the past, having little knowledge about pageants and what is involved but an opinion nevertheless. At first I thought this was a passing phase, however my daughter was adamant, so I started actually looking into it and yes, there were some pageants being promoted that were exactly as I thought, emphasis on beauty, but this one was different. So less than two months before the pageant date I signed her up.

And it started with an email to the director herself. She is a wonderful, kind, caring, crazy busy woman who takes the time to answer the littlest emails. Despite my many newbie questions, disorganization and reluctance she answered all my emails promptly, supported me and encouraged me to continue with the process to get my daughter there. Once there, my daughter was engulfed in a new world (that was exhausting) but exhilarating. She was treated like gold and felt like a princess; but even more importantly were the messages she received from Sindy (the director), other delegates (from girls in her division through teen to Mrs to the Queens who took her under her wing and the more experienced pageant moms, pageant coaches, stylists, judges and so many more, who just gave of their support, experience and guidance. Thank you!!! They supported her, encouraged her and within two days she grew in poise, confidence and maturity, the messaging included not only individual self realization but the importance of giving and community service. There were even bonus points for community service as this is such an emphasis! Truly an incredible experience I would have never considered and am deeply grateful for."

Kris Moreau - Mom of Maria Moreau (Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Oshawa 2019)

"I had the time of my life at the 2020 Canada Galaxy Pageant! I highly recommend competing in this system as the director Sindy, and support staff are all very helpful and supportive. There was enough down time to catch your breath and to take a few minutes for a break. Very well organized. I can not wait to compete again!"

Amanda Kirkpatrick - Ms. Galaxy Halifax 2019

"I had a wonderful time at the 2020 Nationals.  Thank you to Sindy and her team for an awesome experience."

Cassandra Collins - Miss Galaxy Barrie 2019

"Such a beautiful experience! I loved every moment of this pageant. It is so well organized and professional, Sindy is an absolute angel to work with!  All of my questions are answered efficiently, scores and photos are quickly provided afterwards, and all of the scoring is fair. I would recommend this pageant to anyone new or experienced who wants to compete nationally in Canadian pageantry!"

Kaitlyn Pecaski - Miss Galaxy Tecumseh 2019

"I had a great time and the pageant is super organized . Thanks to Sindy"

Sethe Nakib - Miss Galaxy Montreal 2019

"This was such an amazing weekend! The confidence I gained, the sisters I made and the experiences we had together were incredible. Sindy is wonderful and we never not knew what was happening. Very well organized! thank you so much for a great weekend I will never forget"

Kristina Grace - Mrs. Galaxy Halifax 2019

"I came in Galaxy as newbie and I email a lot and message Sindy a lot. I'm grateful I learn to build confidence and experience national level. I believe Sindy is amazing director and will improve Galaxy Canada to new level every year. I learn to have a coach and thank you"

Alexis Ellis - Ms. Galaxy Surrey 2019

"What an amazing weekend in Toronto that I had. Sindy Withans loves to empower and inspire all women . She takes an interest in all her delegates, to her team of helpers and even all her amazing sponsors. Sindy is very professional and takes care of every little detail for you to have an outstanding weekend."

Chloé Arsenault - Miss Teen Galaxy Sudbury 2019

Miss Teen Galaxy Canada 2020/21

"I would most definitely recommend it! It’s such a supportive community! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had this past weekend. Never in a million years did I think I would EVER be a pageant girl, and my wonderful sisters have adopted me into this world and I don’t think I’ll ever leave! Thank you so much for walking into my life and convincing me to go for it. I’ve seen past the veil of what I originally thought pageants were and now I know I was totally wrong. It has a purpose and it is so much more than looking pretty and wearing a crown. It’s about sisterhood and acceptance and most importantly, embracing causes so much bigger than ourselves. Thank you so much and I hope to be back next year!" 

Karina Mateo-Sanchez - Miss Galaxy York 2019

"Canada Galaxy Pageants was such an inspirational weekend for me. The pageant is so inclusive and diverse you didn’t fail to meet women of different nationalities, height, weight, age, marital status and even women with children. The director Sindy is full of energy and can light up a room as soon as she walks in, she never fails to let you know she cares about each and everyone of you. 
Don’t hesitate on signing up, you won’t regret the experience"

Shanika MacEachern - Mrs. Galaxy Cambridge 2019

"This is a fun-filled pageant set at a higher standard and professionalism. Every little details are taken care of and the sponsors are carefully selected to ensure it aligns with high quality standards. The director of this pageant definitely set the tone and expectation to acheive brand awaremess and for other industry players to follow. What is so different too is that the director does show her interest to take care of everyone from the delegates to the production team and sponsors. Every small details count!"

Darren Lee - 2019/20 Photographer Sponsor

"I had an amazing time at this pageant! Our Director, Sindy, had everything organized, had tons of sponsors to complete our activities, and you could feel her passion for the pageant so that all of us had a wonderful experience. I loved being part of this pageant system and would definitely recommend it for any girl or woman wanting to compete!"

Urszula Urac - Mrs. Galaxy Etobcioke 2019 

Mrs. Galaxy Canada 2019

"I would have to say this was a once in a life time experience for me it pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the most rewarding way possible. Being able to represent my town got me even more involved in my community I absolutely love the fact that I have built some amazing relationships and made some great contacts though this hole experience. I was blown away at how welcoming everyone was and how easy it was to get to know one another I would say 10 out of 10 for me I am definitely considering applying again. "

Lex Smith - Ms. Galaxy Barrie 2019

"We attended this past weekend, and from start to finish it was an exciting, eventful and well organized event! I have always said that being a great director is driving your ideas forward with heart and you could just tell how much heart Sindy put into this event for our girls. Thank you for reviving this amazing meaningful system in Canada. Your efforts in the production and organization show that Galaxy went into the right hands. 

My daughter would like to add that "I had so much fun, all of the ladies and girls were so welcoming and kind. We were all like sisters right from the start. The prizes were really nice too!" ~ Miss Preteen Galaxy Canada"

Lyndsay Gilmour - Mom of Alexis Onofre (Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Brampton 2019)

"Honestly Sindy is an amazing director. She is patient, kind, inclusive and tries her best to ensure that everyone has the best time. This was such a great experience that you won’t want to miss out on, whether you’re a pageant girl or just want a fun weekend to meet awesome and inspiring people!"

Ciara Thompson - Miss Galaxy Muskoka 2019

"I got to show what I can do as a young woman and express myself. I also represented my city which was very cool and an honour. We are not just people who joined this wonderful pageant, but we are a family"

KC Salazar - Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Winnipeg 2019

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Canada 2019


"Canada Galaxy Pageants is a good venue for women and young ladies to showcase their spectacular abilities in the areas of fashion, intellect and social relationships through community service and volunteering! The individual interview. The pageant does not only promote the candidate's beauty but it also measures the candidate's wit and intelligence."

Kenneth Salazar - Father of KC Salazar (Junior Miss Galaxy Winnipeg 2019)

"It was an amazing experience for my daughter and myself! from the encouragement of the director to the smiles and hugs from the other delegates! all around very positive and very sisterly experience!!!"

Kelee-Gail John - Mom of Sierra John - Junior Miss Galaxy Niagara Falls 2019

"I had the chance to being in the first class of Canada Galaxy Pageant 2019 and the experience was amazing. Thank you to the director Sindy Withans for this incredible pageant. One of the best I did. I met wonderful women from all around Canada and found in it a true passion for pageantry."

Maria Karagioules - Miss Galaxy Laval 2019

"I had the chance to represent Montreal for the 1st class 2019. The best experience I ever had so far. The pageant director, Sindy Withans is awesome and so sweet. Plus, I met a lot of wonderful women out there. An experience I will never forget !!"  

Emmy-Kayrïsha Durand - Miss Galaxy Montreal 2019


"I competed as Miss Galaxy St. Catharines 2019, and had the best experience EVER! I met so many wonderful ladies and it gave me the confidence to apply for even more pageants"

Kaydense Kollatos - Miss Galaxy St. Catharines 2019

"This pageant was the absolute best! All of the delegates and staff were so fun and kind! If you chose to compete at Canada Galaxy Pageants you will not regret it. I was lucky enough to take the Miss Teen Galaxy Canada 2019 title home and I could not be any happier "

Elizabeth Marnoch - Miss Teen Galaxy London 2019
Miss Teen Galaxy Canada 2019

"This was the first time being involved with this pageant and Sindy Withans was a great coordinator for everything!! She was personable, dedicated, professional, and made all the contestants feel like they were part of a family. Looking forward to shooting it again next time!"

JT Taylor - Videographer Sponsor

"This past weekend was the best pageant weekend a girl could ever ask for. I had so much fun with the Pajama party, interviews, photoshoot, meeting all the ladies, practices! It was such an amazing experience. Sindy, the pageant director is very helpful from the very start of your journey leading up to the pageant, she is very dedicated in helping make sure everyone is knowledgeable and things are running smoothly at the pageant. I think this is a great experience for beginners and experienced pageant ladies as it very diverse with many cultures included, along with no height or weight requirement or expectations. I made some lifelong friends, all of the contestants in all divisions were very friendly, helpful and kind. I had so much fun! This pageant system will always have a place in my heart, and after this amazing experience I will definitely be back in the future"

Kaitlyn Baggio - Miss Galaxy Tecumseh 2019

Miss Galaxy Canada 2019

"Miss Galaxy Canada was my first national pageant and it opened doors of opportunities for me even before competing! I had the best pageant experience and Sindy set the bar very high!

I'll forever be grateful for this opportunity! For all of you ladies who's wanting to know more about yourself or simply want to join pageants and make a difference in your community then this pageant would be perfect for you! I guarantee you'll have the time of your life and meet amazing and talented people!"

Katrina Aguilar - Miss Galaxy Saskatoon 2019