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Brittany-Anne Dawes

Ms Galaxy Canada 2019

2019 Galaxy International: 2nd Runner Up

Brittany-Anne is a Business graduate who currently resides in Pickering, Ontario. Her ancestry consists of many cultural backgrounds including Jamaican, Syrian, English, and Scottish. She currently works in Administration with a hospital and nuclear power plant. However, she believes that sometimes in order to make a difference in the world, heartfelt stories need to be visualized to demonstrate the boundless things people are willing to do, and inspire us to strive for greatness while helping those less fortunate. For this reason, acting her dream job as she would be able to use multiple forms of emotions and skill to encourage people to continuously go above and beyond. In high-school, she travelled throughout the TDSB mentoring youth on the consequences of succumbing to peer pressure and to stand up for their morals/beliefs. She started an event planning group which brings awareness and fundraising efforts to a variety of charities through social events. She aspires to be a positive role-model and ambassador of self-love, and to empower individuals to seek their true potentials.

Brittany-Anne Dawes
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