2020/21 Canada Galaxy Queens

Little Miss Galaxy Canada

Kinsley Costie

Kinsley currently resides in Essex, Ontario. She returns to school this year as a Senior Kindergartener and was her school's award winner for “Initiative” last year. In her spare time, she likes to swim with her dogs, Jack and Mandi, and play baseball. Kinsley is also an avid gymnast whose fearless attitude often lands her on the high bars and tall balance beam.

Entry Requirement:

Ages 6-8 

Can be 5 and participant if turning 6 by Galaxy Internationals (July 2022)

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Canada

Kylie Costie

Kylie is a 6th grader from Essex, ON. In her spare time, she likes to curate videos for her YouTube channel and ride horses. Last year, she was Grand Champion for the Canada South Equestrian series. Kylie also has been involved in her community for a number of years. Every year she has a Super Socktober drive that donates new socks to local schools and shelters. Since starting the drive 4 years ago, she’s collected over 18,500 pairs of socks for her community and received numerous awards for her efforts. 

Entry Requirement:

Ages 9-11 

Can be 8 and participant if turning 9 by Galaxy Internationals (July 2022)

Junior Miss Galaxy Canada

Nicole Min

Nicole was born in Toronto and raised in Mississauga. She is a 12 year old and a 7th grade student. She speaks English, French and Burmese all fluently. She enjoys dancing, singing, swimming, drawing, baking, modelling and helping out various different communities. She has been performing Burmese traditional dances in various events since she was 7 years old. 

Entry Requirement:

Ages 12-14

Can be 11 and participant if turning 12 by Galaxy Internationals (July 2022)

Miss Teen Galaxy Canada

Chloé Arsenault

Chloé is a bubbly 17-year-old high school student. Her daily quotes is “Be strong, Be beautiful, Be you” 

You can find her volunteering within her community. Having a total of 415 volunteering hours, Chloé was nominated for the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers.

Welding and constructions are one of Chloé’s uttermost joy. Last year, Chloé had the opportunity to enter in a welding competition. Her passions include empowering women to pursue their dreams. She wants to reside in a world filed of groundbreaking ladies working in the trades sectors. She wants to encourage many young girls by showing anything is possible.  


Entry Requirement:

Ages 15-18

Must be at least 15 and no older than 18 as of the Galaxy Internationals (July 2022)

Miss Galaxy Canada

Anmol Minhas

Anmol is a vehement writer, decisive business-woman, and an eminent leader. Her resoluteness has earned her top graduate in her Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communications as well as her Masters of Fashion Journalism. Dedicated to the growth and well-being of young developing entrepreneurs, she currently manages multiple teams in the sales and communication sector across Canada while being devoted to charity through her family NGO. Her emphatic and caring nature ignites conversation and brings purposefulness in all her endeavours. Anmol can be entirely encapsulated from her giving attitude, believing in others, and staying true to her principals.


Entry Requirement:

Ages 19-27

Must be unmarried. Single, divorced, widowed, and single mother ok. May not compete while pregnant. Must not become pregnant during her reign as state titleholder or international winner.

Must be at least 19 years of age as of the start date of Galaxy Internationals (July 2022)

Ms. Galaxy Canada

Regine Semira

Regine was born in Scarborough and raised in Mississauga and Toronto. Although born a first generation Canadian, Regine was raised with both Filipino and Canadian values and traditions. Regine is an alumni of George Brown College and works as a full time Corporate Event Coordinator and is a co-host for a local Filipino radio station MCBN. Regine is no stranger to the stage, competing in pageants since 2010. She has competed in several pageants from local pageants, provincial, national, and has competed Internationally in the Philippines. When Regine is not on stage or working, she is training other pageant hopefuls, and planning fundraisers for the charities she is involved with, including the Royal Canadian Air Cadets of Oakville in the 540 Golden Hawk Squadron. There is a good chance you will bump into her at many local charity events, for she believes in giving back to her community and those who need it most.Her motto is, “always be willing to lend a helping hand because you never know whose life you may change.”

Entry Requirement:

Ages 28+ & Unmarried

Single, divorced, widowed, and single mother ok. Applicants who are married cannot "choose" to enter this division simply because of age.

Mrs. Galaxy Canada

Denise Garrido

Denise, a small town girl of immigrant parents, started volunteer work at a young age, eventually travelling the globe to volunteer with charities such as Healthy Kids, Happy Kids in India, Operation Smile and S.O.S. Children’s Villages in Nicaragua. In 2014, Denise was awarded the honour of North American Peace Ambassador in Hwacheon, South Korea. Denise graduated Cum Laude in Biomedical Sciences from Laurentian University, where she was also recognized and awarded the "Alumni Young Leader Award". She has a passion for health and homeopathy, has a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do, and she and her husband welcomed their first child this year.

Entry Requirement:

Ages 20+ & Married

Please know that Galaxy Pageants makes no distinction between marriage to a man or a woman. You must simply be legally married. You must also be married before participating at Nationals and the Galaxy international pageant itself.


Entrant must be a genetic female or fully transitioned


Official Language:

English is the official language of the Canada Galaxy Pageant. It is not a requirement for delegates to speak English. However, delegates who do not speak English must provide their own interpreter during all pageant events. Canada Galaxy Pageants is not responsible for providing an interpreter for delegates who do not speak or understand the English language.

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