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Stephany San Buenaventura

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Calgary 2022

Stephany is living in Calagary, she's a loving daughter who wants to be a Model and aspiring journalist. She loves reading, swimming, skating  and dancing. Despite her responsibilities she still spends quality time with her family. They cook, bake and play together.

Humbled by where she is from, she pashionately loves to give back to the community through volunteering and running donation drives to help those in need. 

Her motto in life is " If  you want the light to come into your life, you need to stand where it's shining", and thats why she is working hard to pursue her dreams and one day become the light to those in need.


  • Dodies Janitorial Services - "Good Luck to my Beautiful Granddaughter.. Keep going on your dream and we always here to support you..we love you so much.."

  • Edgar Tiburcio "Good luck sweetie for your pageant, we are so proud of you"

  • Spare Hand cleaning services - "Good luck on your journey stephany, we are so excited for your pageant.."

  • Katherine Chill "Can't wait to cheer you on! Best of luck sweetie"

  • L & N Cleaning Services - "Good Luck sweetie for your pageant..we love you so much.."

  • Aileen Batac - "Good luck my dear..i cant wait to see you on the pageant.."

  • Camilia ent. - "Good luck sweetie!! So proud of you!!"

  • Mylene Supan Francisco - "Good luck..and keep going were always here to support.."

  • Sionnee ocenar - "Good luck stephany..keep going on your dream.and were here always to support you.."

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