Junior Miss Galaxy Airdrie 2020/21

Jeanae Elisha Ventura

Jeanae Elisha is a dedicated humanitarian, received the Young Hero of Inspiration, a Global nominee for the Humanitarian award, Outstanding Pinoy for Junior Award and holds the title of Junior Miss Calgary 2019-2020. An award-winning singer, performing with The Young Canadians of Calgary Stampede and The Voice of the Champion Kids 2019. She raised funds and enjoys public speaking on behalf of her causes; Kids Cancer Care Foundation (raised $2,015, bottle drive 60 bags collected) and for ACH (collected 1,300 toys worth $20,000) and many more. She believes that even a kid can make a difference in the world.


  • Rogelio Calalo - CIR Realtor - "Best of luck at your pageant!"

  • AGA Academy -"You got this Elisha, You got this!"

  • Vallerie P. Lyons, 2021 RIM Canada Pageant Calgary Sweetheart - "Good Job Ate Lish"

  • Alma and Ken Routledge - "Wishing you all the best, Elisha!"

  • UMAC EXPRESS CARGO INC - "Good luck Elisha!"​

  • Evelyn Lopez -"You are a beautiful girl inside and out. Keep inspiring. God bless you always baby, Lish! We are proud of you."

  • Beverly Abrio - "Godbless Lish! make it happen..."

  • Anonymous - Continue to shine!!! God bless you, Dear.

  • Bartolo Fam - "Wishing you all the very best of luck, Lish!!"

  • Des - "This girl is on fire! Good luck pretty Elish!"

  • Amethyst Cayago - "Elisha is one of my best friend has always treated me as her younger sister and I look up to her very much."

  • Karen Jane Amaba- "Goodluck Pretty Elisha! Tita Karen is your #1 Fan!"

  • Love 4 Calis Photography - "Beautiful inside & out"

  • Agnes Delos Reyes - "You got this Lish!! Goodluck and we are supporting you all the way."

  • Nina Arny - "I'm very very proud of your achievements! I'll always be rooting for you bby! Good luck in your journey and congratulations for all your triumphs"

  • 1 Girl - "1 Girl can change the world, and that girl is YOU!"

  • Bernice - "I can’t wait to see you bloom into one of the most beautiful flower! Kindness and bravery is within you, sweet girl!"

  • Phoenix Marketing & Digital Design - "All the best Elisha we are cheering you on!"

  • Tony Tolentino - "Way to go Little princes.. So Proud of you!!"

  • ThouMineEyes"Good luck"

  • Pinoy Times - "Good luck Jeanae and all the best! God bless!"

  • Ronald Waters - "Elisha, you have made our community so proud already. We have great confidence in you."

  • Tumacder Family - "Good Luck on your Pageant Pretty Elisha so proud of you and Congratulations ahead

  • Subaran Fam - “We wish you all the best, Lish! Good luck, and keep on shining, superstar!!”

  • Gregorio Family - "Good luck Elisha on your upcoming competition. Continue to be the good example that you are to your peers. Break a leg!"

  • Dhon Del Rosario - “You are the most wonderful and talented kid I have known and you deserved all the best in the world! Good luck and congratulations”

  • Swerte Remittance Centre & Filipino Store

  • Artistica Identity & Branding Solutions

  • Lazaro's Choice & Car Medic Repair Shop

  • Tess - "Keep up the good work. Let your star keep on shining. Good luck!"

  • Andres-Consigna Family - "We just want you to know that we are happy with your achievements. We are so very happy and proud that we see you perform in different stage."

  • Paul Umli - "You've always been my biggest inspiration, everything you do amazes me. I can't wait to see you shine like you should!"

  • Merlinda Cortez - "Fly high, dream high and let your British star shine. Bring home the crown our little miss u! We love you, god bless you!"

  • Liza Bernardino Cortez"You are amazing, sweet, loving ang kind hearted that everyone will like and love u to the fullest.We will cheer and support u all the way."​

  • Marlon and Melody Cortez - "Continue to be a good role model and spreading the good vibes. Im really a fan here.. God bless your journey. We love you Elisha our beauty Queen"

  • John, Hope, AC - "So proud of you and amazing young lady you have become"

Jeanae Elisha Ventura
Jeanae Elisha Ventura

Junior Miss Galaxy Airdrie

Jeanae Elisha Ventura
Jeanae Elisha Ventura

Junior Miss Galaxy Airdrie

Jeanae Elisha Ventura
Jeanae Elisha Ventura

Junior Miss Galaxy Airdrie

Jeanae Elisha Ventura
Jeanae Elisha Ventura

Junior Miss Galaxy Airdrie