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Myrielle Althea Aco

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Winnipeg 2022

Myrielle was born and raised in Canada by her Filipino parents who immigrated in 2010. She is the youngest among 3 and even with a big age gap, she is very close to her older sisters. Myrielle is an outgoing and loving girl who is loved by everyone. She loves volunteering and helping others. Myrielle has shown great interest in music, singing, dancing, playing the drums and piano. She has performed in a lot of events in front of a large audience. Myrielle is excited to be a part of her first Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy pageant!


  • Leah Andres - "You're a very talented kid and with such a good heart. You have a bridge future ahead of you"

  • Marissa Pili - "All the best to you Althea. You are such a great kid. We are proud of you!!"

  • Jophie - "You’re very talented and sweet girl Thea, Goodluck"

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