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Normani Hamilton

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Niagara Falls 2022

Normani is a published author who enjoys gymnastics, dancing, singing, and journaling. When Normani is not busy doing all the fancy things listed above, one of her favourite pastime is spending time with her family. Normani really values family time as she is from a large family. Normani have a passion to feed the poor and needy, she volunteers 3 times a year with “Delivering Hope”, a local outreach community. Normani loves Jesus and finds joy in sharing his goodness with those she meets. Normani is born to be a star.


  • Auntie Jacquie - "Amazingly beautiful inside and out and a notable value to our world. Normani, may you continue to make waves wherever you go "

  • Anthony Dyal

  • Truck Repair Hotline Inc - "she is very smart,loves doing charity work. very dedicated to her given task."

  • Ashwayne - "Normani, I’m so incredibly proud of you! You are a great leader and role model. Keep shining"

  • Alison - "You are unique,  confident ,and awesome with positive vibes. Abundance of love, favor and blessings throughout. Love always fam"

  • Grystone Trailer Leasing Inc - "Wish you all the best of luck"

  • Janae & Jaleayah - "You are creative Trust your instincts Your ideas are worthwhile You are capable You are deserving You are strong."

  • Signature Apparel - "Good work! You've got this!

  • David

  • Gabrielle Stewart - "Keep shining! Beauty with a purpose"

  • Aunty Jackie - "Best of luck, I believe in you little unicorn."

  • Renee and Everald Adlam - "You are the HEAD and not the tail...Shine bright like a DIAMOND....You got this girl!!!"

  • Ingrid Grey- Campbell - "Continue to be the Star that you are. Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent Normani."

  • Danella - "Keep soaring and shining, you've got this, I'm so proud of you!"

  • Amara and Andrew - "Best wishes normani !!!!!"

  • Cakesbycamilladwyer - "Normani we are so very proud of you! Continue to be the star you are"

  • Amelia Morgan - "Normani I am so proud of you, thank you for being the best big cousin and role model"

  • Gavin Morgan - "Normani you are a star! I cannot wait to see what your future has in store "

  • Renae - " Keep shining your light baby girl"

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