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Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Muskoka 2023

Scarlett Blinco

Since Scarlett was born she has been cheerful, and charming. The first born, born on the first of the month, and a true fierce Aries - she always naturally takes a leadership role. An incredible big sister, daughter, and friend. Known for being helpful, kind, considerate, polite, and loving towards others of all ages and creatures big and small. Scarlett's tried it all, from dance and gymnastics, to horseback riding, fishing, soccer, crossfit, and parkour. Now she's extremely excited for her next journey into pageants where she can continue to explore her passion for fashion and love for all things girly!  


  • Anne Marie Incorporated - "Scarlett Blinco your leadership qualities at such a young age are commendable , your intelligence is a testament to your bright future. And let’s not forget your love for gardening. Your diverse talents in yoga, gymnastics, crossfit training are impressive athletic skills you demonstrate with grace."

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