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Verline Ruiz

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Canada 2022

Verline was born in Toronto, she's half Filipino and half Greek. Verline move to Calgary in 2016. She joined pageant and modeling at same time in 2018. She hold the little Miss Earth 2019-water, she, enjoyed doing it until now because she love meeting new friends and a it's a way to help unfortunate kids through charities. Verline is a very sweet girl, she love little kids, she very humble and a big heart. She helped children in the Philippines and also wanted to help children in Africa. She learned how to ski & skate when she's 6yrs. Old, she love singing and play piano, also she love animals.


  • Grace Yan - "All the best!"

  • BeeZeeBee - "may all your dreams come true with the guidance of our Lord. Stay humble and sweet Love u!"

  • Mercy Feliciano - "Good luck"

  • Neressa Domingo - "Enjoy the pageant!"

  • Karen - "Always makes your Mommy proud! The whole world is proud of you… Gudluck to the pageant and to your Dreams!"

  • Flory

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