Mrs. Galaxy Airdrie 2020/21

Sarika Mehta

Internationally published and recognized makeup artist from Airdrie, Alberta. Sarika’s mission is fiercely devoted to empowering women of all ages with the gift of self care and a feeling of beauty and acceptance that starts within. Sarika believes in creating an atmosphere of love, inclusivity and representation for all genders, ethnicities, religions and ages. Her love for her community is vast and apparent as she has devoted hundreds of hours to the Volunteer Airdrie and many more. Her mission of empowering women and her incredible ability to empathize with anyone make her an extraordinarily member of the community in Airdrie.


  • Eddy Mercury "Best wishes and luck bestie"

  • The Hair Lounge - Airdrie - "I’ve known Sarika for 5 years. Ever since the I moment I met her, she has been such an inspiration. Not only is she very talented at her craft but her love of life and people was very apparent.  Sarika has a heart full of love for everyone. She is kind, compassionate and truly cares for others. She is a cheerleader for woman and I’m so proud to call her my friend."

  • Techs and bots - "We wish you good luck it’s an honour for our city to have someone like Sarika to represent Airdrie on such a huge platform."

  • Adriana - Balanced Bodies Nutrition - "We believe in you Sarika! I know you're going to shine from the inside out. So excited to be standing next to you on this journey, motivating and cheering you on."

  • Mariam Akbar - "I’m so proud of you, you are such an inspiration in our community and When you embrace your strengths and start to make something out of what you have, then you also begin to be an inspiration to others. Good Luck"

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