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Junior Miss Galaxy Windsor 2023

Marie-Eve Roy

Marie-Eve an aspiring visual artist, auditions for an enriched arts program this fall. She is skilled in many activities, including hunting, fishing, target shooting, archery, and martial arts. Known as "Peanut" in the motorcycle community, she passionately fundraises for veterans,homeless individuals, youth at risk, hospice, cancer research, and mental health awareness. Marie-Eve advocates against bullying and champions inclusivity. Her message is about positive self-image, self-love, and that true beauty lies in dedication to change and removing societal stigmas within the community.


  • Complete Coverage Irrigation - "Good Luck"

  • Anonymous - "Go get them Peanut, But most of all enjoy the experience, and don't forget to have fun.."

  • Colchester bar & grill"From all of us, congratulations!!"

  • Maria Charles

  • Anonymous

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