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Jeanae Elisha Ventura

JuniorMiss Galaxy Canada 2022

Jeanae Elisha is a dedicated humanitarian, received the Young Hero of Inspiration, a Global nominee for the Humanitarian award, Outstanding Pinoy for Junior Award and holds the title of Junior Miss Calgary 2019-2020. An award-winning singer, performing with The Young Canadians of Calgary Stampede and The Voice of the Champion Kids 2019. She raised funds and enjoys public speaking on behalf of her causes; Kids Cancer Care Foundation (raised $2,015, bottle drive 60 bags collected) and for ACH (collected 1,300 toys worth $20,000) and many more. She believes that even a kid can make a difference in the world.


  • Sedona Dental "All the best for your Journey!"

  • Abe & Euniz Brown - "God Bless You As You Pursue Your Dreams!" 

  • Grace Yan - "All the best!" 

  • Regina Saul - "You got this girl! Ariana, myself and the whole family are rooting for you!"

  • Mercy Feliciano - "Good luck Lish"

  • Queen Studios YYC - "You are so beautiful inside and out! It is your time to wear the crown!"

  • Lea Madula - "Good luck sweetie . Win or lose, you will always be our Queen. God bless you!"

  • Mr. Tourism Petite Intercontinental 2017 (ROY BARRAMEDA BARQUILLA) - "I’m always Proud of you . Remember to keep fighting and believing for who you are , and who do you become.. Dream Bigger!!"

  • i-capture entertainment - "Know that we are routing for you hon. Always be confident and humble. Know that youre loved and supported… Tito Ed"

  • Joy Tajanlangit - "You got this, Elisha! Shine like a queen. Believe that you are the queen."

  • Gregorio Family - "Good luck & all the best Elish"

  • JD - "Goodluck Lish!"

  • Tita Norayda - "Goodluck Elisha, So proud of you."

  • Pinoy Times family - "More power to you and your endeavours Elisha! We wish you all the best!"

  • Niña - "You have come so far and will go even farther, Lish. I am so proud of you and I'm sure your Filipino and Calgary community are also rooting for you!"

  • Sam Joly - "Way to go Elisha! Continue your passion with good purpose. We support you"

  • DhonDelRosario - "Good luck and we all know you’ll do great! Bring home another crown!"

  • Karen Gee - "Good luck Elisha! You make Alberta proud! Have fun, be authentic and humble, as the stars are shinning on you my sister queen!"

  • Isay - "You are a diamond, Lish! Keep on shining as you now do! Reach for the stars - because you can! I’m rooting for you!"

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