JuniorMiss Galaxy Calgary 2020/21

Jhanna Mariel Villanueva

Jhanna loves meeting new friends and helping others. At very young age, you can see her everywhere doing charity events and community volunteering. She has volunteered in rehab centres preparing breakfast and helping veterans pack their food, and many more! She is a beauty with a heart. She loves doing gymnastics, swimming, dancing and modelling. She’s very passionate in all ways. As Junior Miss Galaxy Calgary 2020/21, she will be a good example to every young children to do good and be good and represent her title with discipline and purpose.


  • Vallerie P. Lyons, 2021 RIM Canada Pageant Calgary Sweetheart - "Thank you Ate Jhanna for being a sister to me, continue to do good and be good"

  • Zaida Taguran "Be an inspiration always to everyone, live with a good heart"

  • Jhen -"Wishing you all the best of luck on making your dreams come true. You have my full support and I know that you can do it and you deserved it, because you are a smart and intelligent girl. I’m so proud of you. All you have to do is believe in yourself no matter what. May God Bless You Always and Good Luck!!!"

  • Ezcape Events and Production - "Good luck young lady! Stay fierce, happy, confident, and beautiful inside out. Congratulations! You are already a winner to Ezcape"

  • AGA Academy - "AGA Academy is so proud of you Jhanna! Keep it up!"

  • Rachel - "Keep going, we are just behind"

  • Ana - "Goodluck"

  • Little Medical School - Calgary -"Congratulations! You have really come a long way, being a student at Little Medical School - Calgary, working your way to reach your dreams and being a role model in your peers."

  • Tony and Teng Francisco -"Good luck!!!"

  • Vilma Santos - "Wish you all the Best and wish you luck. Follow your dreams and always be yourself"

  • Bernice Cortes - "Goodluck beautiful!"

  • Mr & Mrs -"Good luck Jhanna. We're here to support you always"

  • Ria Brillantes -"Good luck Jhanna!"

  • Ritello - "Hi ate Jhanna, Goodluck to your journey. We are always here to support you and we are very proud of all what you do. God Bless!!!""

  • S.O.G -"We are so proud of you. And may God bless you Jhanna you deserve everything."

  • Gabe Balicanta - "Good luck"

  • Veronne Nicka"We are so proud of you our beautiful Jhanna"

  • Rubie Fontanilla - "Congratulations Jhanna! Always be humble and natural! We are rooting for you."

  • Curatedlyf"Goodluck Jhanna, you can do this. Break a leg pretty Jhanna"

  • Anonymous - "Good Luck, Jhanna!"

  • Navarra Family"Goodluck!!!!"

  • Anonymous - "Good luck ate Jhanna"

  • Soriano Family - "Good luck Jhanna"

  • Harlijk - "Continue to make us all proud"

  • Cake-o-licious - "Best of luck Jhanna! God bless you"

  • Yumi Lee - "Good luck baby Jhanna. We love you. Stay sweet and humble young lady. We are very proud of you."

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