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An 8x10 photo will be submitted. Photo may be with or without your crown. It can be a headshot, full-length, or ¾ length. Your picture MUST look like you and should not be overly retouched


Delegates can add up to 10 bonus points to their overall score. You must first make 5 appearances before bonus points go into effect. After 5 appearances, a point will be given to the delegate when an appearance is made with supporting pictures.

Canada Galaxy titleholders must be able to express themselves and project a pleasant personality at all times.


Delegates should wear a dress, cocktail suit, or pantsuit for the interview.

We truly believe in body confidence, no matter your size. However, titleholders should have good body proportion and choose a suit that flatters your shape & figure. The Swimsuit may have cut-outs, mesh, and/or embellishments. Swimsuits must be in good taste - No thongs allowed!

Canada Galaxy titleholders must be able to project their own personal sense of style. This segment will be very much like a runway fashion show.


Canada Galaxy titleholders must carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise and elegance.


Teens are permitted to wear sophisticated, beaded gowns