Welcome to Canada Galaxy Pageants!


Canada Galaxy Pageants is open to all girls and young women aged 6 upwards! Inclusively to women, we do not have  restrictions on age, size, height, marital status or motherhood. We want to find intelligent, ambitious, personable and progressive women who make a difference in their communities through volunteerism and service.

The winners of the Canada Galaxy Pageants travel to (TBD) to represent Canada and compete at Galaxy International Pageant (entry fee, flights & accommodations covered) in July/Aug 2023.

Eight winners will compete in at Galaxy International

Pageant. The divisions are:

Little Miss Galaxy Canada – 6-8 yrs

Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy Canada – 9-11 yrs

Junior Teen Galaxy Canada - 12-13 yrs

Junior Miss Galaxy Canada – 14-15 yrs

Miss Teen Galaxy Canada – 16-19 yrs

Miss Galaxy Canada – 20-27 yrs

Ms Galaxy Canada – 28 + and unmarried

Mrs Galaxy Canada – 21+ and legally married

Miss, Ms. & Mrs. areas of judging:

Photogenic: 15%

Interview: 25%

Swimwear: 20%

Fashion Wear: 20%

Evening Gown: 20%

*Bonus points are added for appearances

Teens areas of judging:

Photogenic: 15%

Interview: 35%

Swimwear: 25%

Fashion Wear: 25%

*Bonus points are added for appearances

Little Miss, Pre Teens & Junior Miss areas of judging:

Photogenic: 20% 

Interview: 30% 

Fashion Wear: 25% 

Evening Gown: 25%

*Bonus points are added for appearances

Miss/Ms/Mrs Information

Teens Information

Little Miss/Pre-Teens/Jr Teen/Jr Miss



Photo by Eden Pereira Photography