Ms. Finalists

  • Sadhna Persaud 1.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy Durham

    Sadhna Persaud

    3rd Runner Up

    Sadhna is a compassionate, motivated, and ambitious individual. Sadhna’s early passion for helping others has led her to pursue a career as a Registered Practical Nurse within the field of mental health. With her combined health care experience and passion for mental health Sadhna is currently working towards becoming a Doula and Childbirth Educator where she would like to be able to support expecting mothers overall physical and mental health well being. Sadhna also believes in giving back to her community and is currently the Lead Coordinator of Durham Region’s the Shoebox Project. 

  • Dee Go 1.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy Etobicoke

    Dee Go

    2nd Runner Up & Miss Congeniality

    Dee Go is a registered nurse by profession, fashion model and beauty queen. She is the reigning Queen-Global 2018 for MQPC and Miss Queen of the North 2019.
    Dee is an active volunteer for The519, a Toronto-based organization dedicated to the advocacy and inclusion of LGBTQ communities. She also supports Rainbow Railroad an organization committed to rescuing LGBTQ people from state-sponsored violence and persecution.

    She firmly believes that when anyone; regardless of race, social status, gender and sexual orientation is given respect and fostered in a loving and supportive environment; is bound to achieve their fullest potential. 

  • Amanda Kirkpatrick 1.jpeg

    Ms. Galaxy Halifax

    Amanda Kirkpatrick

    1st Runner Up & Best in Interview

    Amanda is a former St. Mary’s University student (psychology major) and is currently a partner in the first female automotive sales team. She spends much of her time volunteering with various community groups, at local fundraiser as well as a mentor. Amanda is the founder of SASS, co-founder of “A Woman’s Place”, a member of SOAR as well as the Eastern Stars. She believes everyone should be the mentor they needed when they were younger, as it would shape the future of our world. Amanda strives to be a positive role model for others and to inspire her two daughters. 

  • Shawny Mckenzie 1.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy London

    Shawny Mckenzie

    4th Runner Up & Best in Evening Gown

    Shawny McKenzie was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. At the age of 22 she decided to follow her dreams by moving to London, Ontario where she pursued Radio Broadcasting. She is the owner of Luxury Gyal Lashes, an aspiring blogger and the founder of Fearless Gyals Unite. Shawny's no stranger to the stage. She's a model, dancer and a firm believer in, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it." 

    Back in the Bahamas Shawny was very involved in church being a Preachers kid she had no choice. She was the director of the dance ministry and has also been very involved in other fundraiding organizations .

    She's on a mission to be a light for young women by inspiring them to be fearless, confident and to follow their dreams.

  • IMG_1245.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy Mississauga

    Vange Cain 

    They say,” Vange is hard to define, because she got discovered at a age when most are packing their shoes away. Approached by a rep for the Numa Modeling agency at 38 she almost lost her mind. Struggling with disbelief that the lady asked me, but she said yes and gave it a chance. 


    Saying yes,” has changed the way she views herself drastically. She sees how powerful woman really are, how fragile yet amazing they all are big or small.


    Vange never imagined doing pageants, but she gave it a chance and she’s grown so much in herself for taking the chance.

  • Sarah Cripps 1.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy Muskoka

    Sarah Cripps

    Sarah is a passionate educator in the Early Years. In the past year, She has challenged herself to compete in a fitness competition with Ultimate Fitness Events, recovered from a ski injury.  These experiences have taught her grit, discipline, mental strength, and pushing yourself to achieve anything you want.   

    Her goals for the future are to continue to advocate for mental health awareness and promote positive self-esteem amongst school age students, abolishing the stigma against children and adults with special needs as well as mental health, and work toward celebrating all abilities and supporting individual needs. 

  • Saba Motakef 1.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy North Vancouver

    Saba Motakef

    Her parents named her Saba, which means the white pigeon of PEACE and FREEDOM and she has taken this as the ultimate mission in her life. 

    Saba is a Marketing Management PhD Candidate, MBA holder, IT Engineer, Mutual Fund Licensee, TESOL Certified, writer and translator and she speaks Persian, English and French.

    She is a Basketball Gold Medal Winner and she has the 1st rank of Carpet Weaving in Iran for 2 consecutive years.

    Being a fundraiser for Emam Javad Children with disabilities, and volunteer MC in Canadian- Persian community are some of her volunteering activities

  • Lorri McMullen 1.jpg

    Ms. Galaxy Parry Sound

    Lorri McMullen 

    As a lifetime artist, Lorri McMullen has been involved in the arts as a muralist, commissioned painter and portrait artist.

    Her work is in private and corporate collections in twelve countries and the famous McMicheal Gallery  Canadian Collection. A documentary has been filmed over the last year following Lorri's life and magical journey. Lorri bears the spirit name, "Big Star Woman" and spends much time with elders in the north and by the water of Georgian Bay. "Star" is also a singer songwriter and proud mother of two wonderful children, teaching art and music and sharing her talents


  • Alexis Ellis 2.jpeg

    Ms. Galaxy Surrey

    Alexis Ellis

    Alexis never thought good things like this would happen for her.  For a long time Alexis  felt like she  didn’t belong anywhere.  Alexis was born with gender dysphoria and cerebral palsy.  Her life has turned around for the better since she came out. Alexis would love to be judged for the good in her.   Another thing that’s different about her is that she have published her life  story in chapter in books. Alexis  believe that Canada  is ready for someone like her to be Ms Galaxy Canada.  Alexis hope leading the world in changes that will see we all be equal.

  • Regine Semira 1.JPG

    Ms. Galaxy Toronto

    Regine Semira

    WINNER, Best in Swimwear, Best in Fashion Wear & Photogenic Award

    Regine was born in Scarborough and raised in Mississauga and Toronto. Although born a first generation Canadian, Regine was raised with both Filipino and Canadian values and traditions. Regine is an alumni of George Brown College and works as a full time Corporate Event Coordinator and is a co-host for a local Filipino radio station MCBN.
    Regine is no stranger to the stage, competing in pageants since 2010. She has competed in several pageants from local pageants, provincial, national, and has competed Internationally in the Philippines. 
    When Regine is not on stage or working, she is training other pageant hopefuls, and planning fundraisers for the charities she is involved with, including the Royal Canadian Air Cadets of Oakville in the 540 Golden Hawk Squadron. There is a good chance you will bump into her at many local charity events, for she believes in giving back to her community and those who need it most.
    Her motto is, “always be willing to lend a helping hand because you never know whose life you may change.”

  • Arshin Masjourdi 1.JPG

    Ms. Galaxy Vancouver

    Arshin Masjourdi

    Arshin is a strong and determined woman.

    She has obtained her bachelor's degree in tourism management and now she is studying as a community support worker and speaking five languages fluently.

    Arshin lost her four fingers at the age of 2 and her body was burnt 45% in a house explosion at the age of 22 and went through a painful hip replacement two years later.

    Arshin believes that women with disabilities can be especially influential and inspirational.

    Arshin is a passionate social worker helping children with disabilities, refugees and Senior citizens, she also organizes various charity events.

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