Mrs. Finalists

  • Denise Garrido 1.JPG

    Denise Garrido

    WINNER, Best in Swimwear, Best in Fashion Wear, Best in Evening Gown, Best in Interview, Photogenic Award & Pageant Couture Award

    Mrs. Galaxy Bradford

    Denise, a small town girl of immigrant parents, started volunteer work at a young age, eventually travelling the globe to volunteer with charities such as Healthy Kids, Happy Kids in India, Operation Smile and S.O.S. Children’s Villages in Nicaragua. In 2014, Denise was awarded the honour of North American Peace Ambassador in Hwacheon, South Korea. Denise graduated Cum Laude in Biomedical Sciences from Laurentian University, where she was also recognized and awarded the "Alumni Young Leader Award". She has a passion for health and homeopathy, has a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do, and she and her husband welcomed their first child this year.

  • Sheri Walters 1.png

    Sheri Walters

    1st Runner Up

    Mrs. Galaxy Edmonton

    Sheri is a born and raised Edmontonion.  Living in the suburbs of Edmonton and working in the downtown core have allowed Sheri to enjoy the diversity of Alberta’s capital city, home to one of the largest and most beautiful river valleys in Canada.  Sheri is married with 3 boys who keep her active and involved in her community.  She believes in giving back and mentorship, spending much of her time volunteering, and speaking. As an insurance professional and student at Harvard Business School, Sheri has learned, taught, and travelled globally, supporting diversity and inclusion.

  • Kris Grace 1.jpg

    Kristina Grace Finley-Gillis

    Mrs. Galaxy Halifax

    After graduating from the Medical Administration program at NSCC Kingstec, Kristina began her career as a Home Health Practitioner, specializing in diabetic care and compression therapy. She has since transitioned into Group Health Insurance where she has become passionate about employee assistance programs. 

    She enjoys video games, tabletop RPGs and attends conventions in cosplay. She is involved with a volunteer group of cosplayers who work together with families of terminally ill children to bring their favourite characters to life. 

     She spends time volunteering at the local animal shelter, mentoring local youth and volunteers with various events through out the year. 

  • Vanessa Jacques 1.jpeg

    Vanessa Jacques

    Mrs. Galaxy Montreal

    Originally from Montreal, Vanessa now lives with her lovely husband. She is active, involved in her community and passionate about her job as sommelier and travels. Having lost her father by suicide at the age of 20, Vanessa try her best to help by giving her time to SOS suicide among others. She also give lectures about perseverance in schools of her area. Vanessa want to carry a message that will convince people that, it is not who we are that prevents us from moving forward, but who we believe can not be.

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  • Stephanie Haidenschuster 1.PNG

    Stephanie Haidenschuster

    2nd Runner Up

    Mrs. Galaxy Toronto

    Stephanie was born in Toronto, Ontario.  At 40, Stephanie has accomplished many achievements in her life.  From acting to modelling, she is no stranger to the entertainment business.  Currently, she empowers youth via pageantry events and works with children with special needs.  Community service and helping those in need is another passion of hers.  Stephanie is a mother to four children and married for 18 years.

    Her favourite motto is to ‘Have courage and be kind’ by Cinderella.  Stephanie believes by having courage we can accomplish anything in life that we wish to pursue., where kindness leads to love.

  • Laurisa Andre 1.jpeg

    Laurisa Andre

    Mrs. Galaxy Vancouver

    Laurisa was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and now lives on the west coast with her husband, Eric. Together, they have a passion for traveling and have always loved British Columbia and dreamed of living there one day.. so they made it a reality! 

    Laurisa is a Medical Radiologic Technologist by trade and also owns a health and wellness company. She has been modelling for over 10 years and has experience in runway, photoshoots, and promotional work. She first entered the pageant world in 2015 and is thrilled to now represent British Columbia while competing for the Galaxy Crown!

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