Miss Teen Finalists

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Cambridge

    Marcie Toney

    Marcie, 16, comes from a small Mi’kmaq First Nations community called Annapolis Valley reservation in Cambridge, Nova Scotia. She attends Central Kings Rural High School and is in grade 11. She loves education with a passion and encourages others to succeed with their learning also. In the past two years, Marcie has taken part in well over a dozen different cultural events, workshops and camps to further her knowledge of Mi’kmaq teachings. 
    A program that changed Marcie’s life forever was a six day camp called the Red Road Project. The program is for Mi’kmaq youth leaders to encourage cultural activities without the association of drugs and alcohol to other Mi’kmaq youth. Red Road opened Marcie’s eyes and made her grateful to be who she is, and eager to pass along teachings to the future generations of youth. Marcie’s goal after high school is to attend university, further her studies in sociology and cultural studies, and become a counselling therapist for remote First Nations communities that have little to no mental health aid. 

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Edmonton

    Meredith Juste

    Meredith is an honours student in grade 10, where she is an active volunteer in both her school and community. She plays on her school volleyball team and is a competitive cheerleader, in addition to handling in-game injuries for her basketball team. Meredith also volunteers her time at a nursing home, where she enjoys visiting with patients that suffer from Alzheimers. She is a published print and runway model, and an actor who has appeared in both independent films and TV shows. Meredith enjoys how modelling and acting are creative, and allow her to meet new people. In her spare time, she enjoys running and spending time with her dog. Meredith aspires to be an obstetrician, and hopes to use her platform to inspire other girls to work hard in school and chase their dreams.

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Kingston

    Aaliyah Hiltz

    1st Runner Up & Photogenic Award

    Aaliyah is a musical theatre actress, model and martial artist. This 16 year old from Nova Scotia is first aid certified and enjoys helping others. Her future plans include obtaining a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Law, Justice and Society, followed by a Juris Doctorate. She aspires to be a Criminal Defense Attorney. Aaliyah’s platform focuses on ensuring opportunities and representation for young people of colour. Aaliyah spends time speaking with youth of colour on confidence, responsibility, and creating opportunities for yourself. Aaliyah has been competing in the pageants since 2016. Pageants combine everything she loves, from being on stage, to public speaking. 

    Aaliyah is passionate about music and art, and loves planning, preparing and organizing. Aaliyah is enthusiastic about skincare, and how chemicals react with each other and your skin.  When’s she’s not singing or dancing, Aaliyah is promoting her platform of self love. To her, self love is about changing the things you can’t accept, and accepting the things you cannot change. 

  • Miss Teen Galaxy London

    Elizabeth Marnoch

    WINNER & Best in Interview

    Elizabeth is a motivated 17 year old with many goals and ambitions. She keeps herself busy with school and extracurricular activities. She is currently applying for university to pursue education in advertising and graphic design. When she’s not busy with her homework, she is an active member of her executive student council. Elizabeth loves to host events around her school and enjoys being an approachable person that the student body can look to. Elizabeth also takes part in many community service projects but currently she is very focused on promoting her platform. Her platform is “The Princess Program” which is a charity that host fundraising events so girls in poverty in the London area can have a beautiful new prom dress. Throughout Elizabeth’s years of competing in pageants she has seen the confidence that a beautiful new evening gown can give a girl. Representing London as Miss Teen Galaxy London 2019 is an unbelievable honour for Elizabeth. She is so happy that she finally gets to compete in the system she has always dreamt of. 

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Montreal

    Alyssia Paulin

    Alyssia, 17, lives in the beautiful intercultural city of Montreal. She finishes high school under the IB program. She speaks fluently in French, but speaks well in English and knows the basics of Spanish. She is involved in various causes such as body diversity, cancer research, the equal rights of every human being, the education system and much more. 
    Alyssia is passionate by arts since she was 8 years old. She practices piano and singing, she is gifted for theatrical play and also, for all that is visual art, it’s also one of the reasons that pushes her to pursue her post-secondary studies in architecture. 
    The title of Miss Teen Galaxy Canada, is something that she really wants since she been through problems in her personal life that affected her self esteem and caused her anxiety. Right now, she feels stronger than ever and she think that she has the tools to help others.  With Alyssia as Miss Teen Galaxy Canada, things will changes, let yourself be charmed by her sparkling personality and her determination.

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Muskoka

    Panacea Loucks

    Panacea, 16, lives in Parry Sound, Ontario. Born and raised in the city of Toronto. Ontario, Panacea has lived a life full of creativity and inspiration. Having two artistic parents, she has enhanced the talent of visual and performing arts. In 2017, Panacea was accepted into the Sudbury School of Arts where she majored in dance and vocals for one semester. Panacea is active and maintains a healthy lifestyle; in 2019, Panacea was assistant coach of Midget volleyball and continues to participate in sports. As well, she loves to work with children and has a strong passion for volunteering. In 2017, Panacea worked with the Child and Family Centre to further her learning on Mental Health awareness. Furthermore, being the intelligent and unique young woman that she is, Panacea has been on Honour Roll for her past three years of high school. She has always had a strong passion for modelling, travelling and the well-being of others. Panacea wishes to pursue her passions into a future career.

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Toronto

    Kate Briones

    2nd Runner Up

    Kate, 17, is a high school student. Born and raised in Toronto, Kate enjoys hanging out with family and friends and being involved in her community. In her third year of high school, Kate is involved in Leadership and the Interfaith Youth Alliance Movement. After high school, Kate wishes to study Psychology and Child and Youth Work, in hopes to pursue the career of a Child and Youth Worker. This career choice was driven from her love to live her life helping children and youth. Her first pageant was Canada’s Top Choice pageant, where she won Miss Teen Canada’s Top Choice 2017. As someone who struggles with a speech impediment, Kate wants to prove that you should not let anything hold you back from doing what you love and following your dreams. Kate Briones is extremely eager and excited for this next chapter in her life and the opportunity to compete on the Canada Galaxy Pageants stage!

  • Miss Teen Galaxy Winnipeg

    Arièle Lopuck

    3rd Runner Up, Best in Swimwear, Best in Fashionwear, Best in Evening Gown & Miss Pageant Couture

    Arièle, 16, is of French & Ukrainian heritage. A grade 11 student enrolled in French Immersion, International Baccalaureate & Hairstyling programs at Collège Sturgeon Heights, hopes to pursue a career in either physiotherapy or design. An aspiring model who has spent the last year juggling time between her studies, travelling for competitions, photo shoots & fashion shows. Her career started at 12 with a commercial casting for the opening of the Canadian Human Rights Museum.

    She is the embodiment of beauty & strength, a former competitive gymnast, & high school rugby player - both athletic & feminine. New to the pageant world, Arièle was crowned Miss Teenage Winnipeg 2018, placed top 10 at the Nationals, & earned a scholarship to Top Model Search Canada 2019.

    Owing her strength, grace, & discipline to sports, she understands the importance it has played in her development as a teen. As such her platform of choice is "access to sports for all youths". She hopes to use her title to partner with like charities in various events to promote this cause which is dear to her

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