Miss Finalists

  • Jade Marie Pingol 1.jpg

    Jade Marie Dawn Pingol

    Top 10

    Miss Galaxy Brampton

    Jade Marie dreams to be an influence for positivity, an affluence for Education, and is working towards a more sustainable planet. Her tenacious intersectionality derives from her driven Filipina roots and her love of self-expression. A McMaster Alumni, she graduated in June 2016 with a B.A. Degree in English and Cultural Studies. She believes that words have a way of educating a reader into the time period of a written piece-enabling humanity to learn from history, enabling us to grow from and with the modernity of culture(s). Her love for words and English, highlights the aspect of humanity progressing, and written texts are the just results of progress rendering. Being non-indigenous but having been born in Canada, it has become one of Jade’s greatest passions to be a distinguished voice for sustaining what sustains us- the Earth, evident as she received her diploma in 2018 from the University of British Columbia, studying Reconciliation through Indigenous Studies. She hopes to inspire others to be better, to do better, one word at a time.

  • jamie Pfeifer 1.jpg

    Jamie Pfeifer

    Top 10

    Miss Galaxy Essex

    Jamie, 22, is from Cottam, Ontario. She is an early childhood educator and has a passion for helping children. She will be furthering her education by getting her teachers degree. Jamie believes that true beauty comes from within and how you present yourself. 
    If she were given the opportunity to earn the title of Miss Galaxy Canada, she believes she would make a positive role model. She is strong, confident and has respect, not only for herself, but for others. She is very dedicated and goal driven. Jamie hopes that one day she will be able to travel the world, in hopes of helping children. Jamie believes that traveling is the best way to learn about and respect different cultures.

  • Jessica Lynn Matthews 1.jpg

    Jessica Lynn Matthews

    Miss Galaxy Etobicoke

    Jessica Lynn, 22, is currently in her second year of Bachelor of Interior Design at Humber College in Toronto. In 2021, she plans to graduate and continue her education by working towards a Masters Degree in Architecture.

       Besides her endeavours in school, she has a strong passion for the arts and is a very creative individual. When she isn’t working on her design studio projects, she is putting her creative energy and knowledge towards creating content for her blog, social networks and personal projects.

      Jessica is also a strong advocate for body positivity, anti-bullying and mental health. Being very active on social platforms and throughout her life experiences, she has been both a victim and a witness of body shaming and bullying. Jessica is also no stranger to the affects of mental illness and the global stigma surrounding it. She hopes to be able to use her new platform as Miss Galaxy Etobicoke and her existing social platforms to spread love and awareness about anti-bullying, mental health and most importantly body positivity.

  • IMG_2018.JPG

    Marie Ève Karagioules

    3rd Runner Up

    Miss Galaxy Laval

    Strong, independent and supportive; these are the three words that describe Marie Eve. 
    Marie Eve was born and raised in Laval, Quebec by her lovely grandmother. She always supported her to do good in life. 
    At a young age, she started to have compassion for others and wanted to help people. She is a student in politic and society. She dream of being a politician since her youth, because she wanted to make good change. 
    Marie Eve had a rough childhood, but she’s ambitious and hopes to become a spokesperson for helping people to find their way and believe in themselves. 
    This year, Marie Eve took place in her first pageant where she placed in the Top 10.
    Pageants brought to her self esteem and showed her how to empowered young women to achieve their personal and professional goals, to express their opinions, talent and intelligence.
    “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others” 
    -Albert Schweitzer 
    Step by step, all together we can make a difference.

  • Ghara Pike-Perez 1.JPG

    Ghara Pike-Perez

    Miss Galaxy Markham

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” This is the philosophy that nineteen-year-old Ghara Pike lives by. She was born in the beautiful Caribbean city of Barranquilla, Colombia. Ghara is the epitome of confidence  and determination, believing that hard work and dedication will aid in her path to success. Her dream is to become the next Miss Galaxy Canada but it’s not for the reason that most may think. Upon completion of this beauty pageant, Ghara plans to start a charitable organization whose goal is to help young people with learning disabilities to achieve a proper level of post secondary education by creating programs where people with less opportunities can also succeed.
    Ghara likes to spend time with family and friends, loves music, fashion and great food. In her free time she enjoys sport activities, gym, photography and traveling.

  • Emmy-Kayrïsha_Durand_1.png

    Emmy-Kayrïsha Durand

    Top 10 & Photogenic Award

    Miss Galaxy Montreal

    Emmy-Kayrïsha was born in Montreal. She graduated as a paralegal and works currently as an administrative agent in a hospital. This September, she’ll pursue her studies in law at the University of Montreal. 
    She comes from a Haitian family that’s really close, and that has been established in Canada for decades. She has Haitian and Canadian values tattooed on her heart and she finds it important to transmit multicultural values to others. 
    She’s passionate about dancing, animals, and geography. She also loves voyaging and discovering new cultures. She thinks that opening up to the world allows to keep an open mind. 
    She took place in her first pageant in 2015. Through adversity, these contests were challenging. Pageants brought to her self esteem and it also allowed her to learn about herself. Pageants allowed her to witness human solidarity and develop friendships with her pageant sisters. 
    Quote: Beauty is the opposite of perfection, it’s about confidence, kindness, and having a beautiful mind and soul. 

  • Ciara Thompson 1.jpeg

    Ciara Thompson

    Top 10

    Miss Galaxy Muskoka

    Muskoka Native, Ciara, is an advocate for self-love, anti-bullying, and has her sights set on eradicating homelessness across Canada. As a child, Ciara developed severe anxiety and depression as a result of being bullied. It wasn't until she hit university that she realized she had to change her life in order to help others overcome their own adversities. Over two years, Ciara won the titles of Miss Canada 2017, Miss Petite Model Universe 2017, and competed in Miss Universe Canada 2018. In that time, she became an Anti-Bullying Ambassador for Kids Help Phone, spoke about self-love in schools across Muskoka, collected items for 250 care packages for homeless individuals, and so much more. Pageantry has allowed Ciara to advocate for positive social change, and to develop her skills in public speaking, confidence-building, and showing others that anything is possible. She hopes to be a positive role model and to inspire others to find the love for themselves that she has finally found for herself, through her hard work and in following her dreams.

  • Johana Vala 1.jpeg

    Johana Vala

    Best in Swimwear

    Miss Galaxy Quebec City

    Johana is a model from the Caribbean. With french and indian origins, she sees herself as very multi ethnic. 
    She studied literature, and succesfully obtained her Bachelor degree with music as a speciality. She then studied two years of commerce and a third year in history. 
    Johana moved to Canada, where she obtained a degree in communication at University of Quebec in Montreal. 
    She's passionate about fashion, design, painting, cinema and art in general. She likes to share her new creations on platforms like social media.
    She was approached by modelling agencies such as Sybille Sasse in Montréal and Icon in Toronto, where she do modelling and acting. She's now enjoying and living from it as an influencer and talented musician. 
    With her exposure, she has also helped and motivate all women to empower themselves. She is a member of the Red Cross Canada and give donations to help such causes.
    Johana Vala sees Miss Galaxy Canada as an honour and a great chance to serve the others.

  • Kai-La Petit 1.jpeg

    Kai-La Petit

    Miss Galaxy Regina

    Kai-La, 19, from Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. Coming from a small town, she has a lot of support from family, friends, and surrounding the communities. Kai-La has found a love for pageants almost 2 years ago. She has previously competed at Miss Teenage Saskatchewan, Miss Teenage Canada, and Miss Teen North America, with being the first person to represent Saskatchewan at Miss Teen North America. Kai-La has been described to be polite, respectful, and considerate but with a very adventurous and spontaneous attitude, which is fuelled by her love for traveling.  She has traveled all over Canada, United States, Iceland, and Costa Rica. Kai-La is currently in school for Early Childhood Education, but is working towards studying at Midwifery at UBC. Kai-La has chosen Early Childhood Education for her love to be around little kids, be a great role model for them, and help them learn in every way possible. Kai-La believes she has what it takes to be your next Miss Galaxy Canada 2019.

  • Katrina Aguilar 1.jpg

    Katrina Aguilar

    Miss Galaxy Saskatoon

    A woman of strength, courage and determination- these are the words that describes Katrina Grace Aguilar, a 26 year old Filipino- Canadian model, volunteer and advocate for empowering women. Being raised in poverty and in a broken family, she learned how to be independent and resourceful at a young age.
    Her humble beginnings have cultivated hard work and perseverance in her heart thus devoting her time in helping others who are in need. As a matter of fact, Katrina has returned to the Philippines on several occasions to organize outreach programs that help street children by providing them with food and clothing. She believes that while helping one person might not change the world, it can at least change the world for one person.
    What makes her unique? She will utilize Miss Galaxy Canada as a platform to help empower women and to make a difference for those in need, whether it be domestic or international because she knows what it feels like to be helpless and in need.

  • Kaydense Kollatos 1.jpg

    Kaydense Kollatos

    Top 10 & Best in Interview

    Miss Galaxy St. Catharines

    Kaydense works part time as a model, full time in a greenhouse and resides in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region. Kaydense is new to the pageantry, although nervous, she is up to the challenge. 
    Kaydense is extremely family oriented and comes from a very big family. With over half being from Greece and different parts of North America, she has numerous siblings ranging from 10-25 years of age. 
    Kaydense have a fiery passion for music, animals and children, loves the outdoors and a big foodie!  She's adventurous, so say the words “hike” and “food”, and she is all in for anything you have planned!  
    To be asked to represent her home is an absolute blessing and she is truly thankful to everyone who has been helping and supporting her along the way!

  • Kaitlyn Baggio 1.jpg

    Kaitlyn Baggio

    WINNER & Best in Fashionwear

    Miss Galaxy Tecumseh

    Kaitlyn was born and raised in Tecumseh, Ontario by her loving and supportive family. She is a recent graduate from the Border Services program at St. Clair College. She currently works for one of Canada's biggest customs brokerage companies and has a dream to become a Border Services officer with the CBSA. 
    Kaitlyn has competed in pageants since 2016, and she is ready to rock the stage at Miss Galaxy Canada. Outside of competing in pageants, She spends 5 days a week training at the gym and the biggest part of Kaitlyn's time is spent volunteering at many local events supporting the Hospice Of Windsor, the Alzheimer's Society, Transition to Betterness, Cystic Fibrosis of Canada, Second Chance Animal Rescue and the Sick Kids Foundation. 
    Kaitlyn is ready to take on the role of Miss Galaxy Canada to inspire people of all ages and promote a healthy lifestyle. Her motto is "positivity is key" and she believes that living a healthy lifestyle and being positive is the best way to reach and accomplish all of your goals.

  • Christina Andaya 1.jpg

    Christina Andaya  2nd Runner Up 

    Miss Galaxy Toronto

    Christina was born and raised in Etobicoke. Christina is an alumna of Humber College for Police Foundations in 2014. She is concurrently pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science and a certificate in Public Policy Analysis at York University. In the future, Christina hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Public Policy or Immigration and a career where she can continue her passion to help others.
    Christina has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and battling it for the past few past years. The symptoms developed overtime, which led her to take the treatment. Christina hopes to spread awareness in hopes to find a cure. Her daily motto is: “Honour, glory & high hopes.”
    During her pastime, Christina enjoys watching WWE and Food Network shows on TV with her cat named Cindy. Christina is also one of the Marketing Assistants for the council members of the Filipino Student Association at York University (FSAY). Her role is to promote the club’s events where Filipino culture can be celebrated in an open space that is welcomed to everyone.

  • Taylur Jeffers 1.jpeg

    Taylur Jeffers

    Miss Galaxy Waterloo

    Taylur is a self-motivated, talented and very ambitious young lady. She was born in Toronto, raised in Ajax and now resides in Waterloo, ON.
    As the daughter of immigrants, Taylur places a strong emphasis on prioritizing her education and helping others within her community through various forms of community service. Taylur graduated with Honours from Durham College in 2015, studied Health Science for 2.5 years at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and is now finishing her Bachelors degree majoring in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University. Taylur is quite adamant about getting into medical school one day so she can become a surgeon.
    When Taylur isn’t busy studying, she is busy working hard to make her dreams a reality! She is very passionate about expressing her creativity through dance, film and writing. Her love of art is why she chose acting as her occupation while she’s in school. Taylur’s life motto is “Live and Learn” because she believes that knowledge and experience is how she grows and become the best possible version of herself.

  • Kailey Jackson 1.jpg

    Kailey Jackson

    4th Runner Up

    Miss Galaxy Windsor

    If you could succeed at anything you tried what would you do? Kailey from Windsor, ON asks herself this question everyday. It is with this mindset that she is able to work full time in a daycare, studies in early childhood education and in her spare time plays broomball. Kailey has competed at a world’s level for broomball by playing with a team from Japan. She believes it is important to get involved with the community. Kailey is an ambassador for a mental health campaign called the Sole Focus Project and is the fundraiser director for the Canadian Primary Biliary Cholangitis Society. With Kailey as your next Miss Galaxy Canada 2019, she would be honoured to share her message and platform of living your life limitless by not allowing mental illness, rare diseases or obstacles to get in the way of your dreams. It is Kailey’s goal to extend her community volunteerism, public speaking and personal experiences to across Canada.

  • Jaskiran Kaur 1.jpg

    Jaskiran Kaur

    Miss Galaxy Vancouver

     “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”- Harriet Tubman. At the age of 19, Jaskiran moved to Canada for her bright future. For her, everything was a life changing moment. It was not easy for her to handle all the things in a new country without any support. But she managed alone. She studies and works in Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She always finds good in others. She says good nature and behaviour can help to win other’s heart. She seeks inner beauty of the person rather than outer beauty because inner beauty never change with time. Sometimes doing the things out of your comfort zone takes to your destiny where you meant to be. Jaskiran believes that keep focusing on your goals because one day you will achieve them. 

  • Ninela Sanchez 1.jpeg

    Ninela Sanchez

    1st Runner Up & Best in Evening Gown

    Miss Galaxy Woodbridge

    Ninela is a Venezuelan born, and a proud Canadian. Ninela is as an ambitious, charismatic, self-driven individual with a great passion for life. Ninela merged in beauty pageants, from a very young age. Her persistence lead her to win Miss Venezuela JR 2002 & Miss Canada Latina 2014. Ninela has competed Internationally at Miss Latin America of the World placing semi-finalist, as well in Miss Universe Canada 2016. Ninela has taken her passion for TV, fashion and pageantry to another level. She has hosted for the most important TV Channel in the Latin industry; Univision Canada & CORUS Network. 
    She is now an Entrepreneur & Mother of a beautiful 2 year old daughter, named Sofia. She manages her full time Modeling Academy where she coaches all ages individuals to become great leaders. Her hard work & determination was awarded by the Government of Canada back in 2017 as the “Top 25 influential immigrant in Canada”. Ninela believes in “Letting go of our fears by resisting to our thoughts & emotions, yet welcoming them with warmth respect & courage to be more than conquerors.

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